Core Moxie Modules

When developing with Backbone.js we identify common code and move that into the core module.


Our base Collection providing some common methods we’re using throughout our applications. To create a new collection using MoxieCollection simply extend it.

MoxieCollection.getAsync(key[, options, retry])

We found that a common usecase for us was waiting for a “fetch” or somesuch async call to be made before we could confidently call get to get our object. Since we were doing this quite often we created getAsync. This allows you to wait for an event to fire on your collection before calling get on the key. Passing a success callback which will receive the object requested as the first argument.

  • key – The id of the model you want to access from the collection. See Backbone.Model.idAttribute.
  • options (object) –

    The following optional arguments can be passed in the options argument

    • success: Called when the get has succeeded, this function will be called with the object returned from the collection as the argument.
    • failure: Called if the key cannot be found in the collection.
    • pendingEvent: default reset - The event you want getAsync to wait for before calling success.
  • retry (boolean) – Used to prevent repeated callbacks occuring.


Simple module which presents an API to determine which media queries are active on the document at a particular time.


Does our media query suggest the document is being rendered in a tablet style layout. This also applies for desktop’s and any device with significant width.


Are we being rendered on a device with a small width suggesting a phone.


Base view for rendering a Map with a collection of Points of Interest (POICollection) on it.

class MapView([options])

Accepts all the usual Backbone.View arguments. As well as:

  • options.fullScreen – Should this Map have the full-screen class to render at 100% height?
  • options.interactiveMap – Should the map allow user interaction e.g. touch and drag the map about. If this is falsy or the map is rendered in phone view then click events on the map will be fired as mapClick on the MapView object.

Update the MapView, removing any points currently rendered and place pointers for the new collection.

  • collection – The new Backbone.Collection to be rendered. Models within this collection should have lat and ``lon` attribute in order for points to be placed.