Moxie JS client is tested using Jasmine a behaviour-driven development framework. The specs (BDD lingo for TestSuite) for the common Moxie JavaScript can be found in app/tests/specs/*, specs for each applicaiton should be located alongside the application in a folder called specs. This is done with a view to possibly breaking applications into separate repositories if ever possible.

Running the tests

The easiest way to run the tests is to open your browser to the SpecRunner.html file. However it’s also possible to run the tests with phantomjs:

$ phantomjs run-jasmine.js SpecRunner.html
6 specs, 0 failures in 0.018s

The test runner, run-jasmine.js will handle setting the correct exit code and output the details of any failing specs.

Adding specs

When adding new spec files to be run as part of the test suite it’s important to add the path of the spec file in app/tests/main.js.