Real-time Information

Moxie presents RTI (real-time information) for different resources, currently these are all points of interest however in the future that could change.

The JS client has a standard way of handling RTI for a POI which is inline with how Backbone.js is structured. Each different RTI type has its own Backbone.Model and Backbone.View.

Adding a new RTI type

The modules we’re interested in for adding a new RTI type are places/models/RTIModels.js and places/views/RTIViews.js. These modules export objects which take the following format (RTIViews.js):

    'rti-type': Backbone.View,
    'another-rti-type': Backbone.View

Adding support for a new RTI type should be a matter of extending these objects with your View and Model respectively.

To get this rendering on a particular POI (assuming the API is serving the RTI correctly, see Moxie RTI docs for that) the RTI type needs to be added to DEFAULT_RTI_TYPES in places/models/POIModel.js.