Infinite Scrolling

To add infinite scrolling to your views simply extend core/views/InfiniteScrollView, a simple example of this can be found in core/views/specs/infinite.


  • options (object) –

    The following optional arguments can be passed in the options argument

    • windowScroll: default false - should be a boolean saying if we want to listen to window.scroll events
    • scrollElement: default undefined - DOM element we want to listen to scroll events for
    • intervalPeriod: default 250ms - time in ms which we should check if the user has scrolled
    • scrollThreshold: default undefined a floating point integer between 0 and 1 - The ratio representating how far down a page scroll should the scrollCallbacks be called. If left undefined scrollCallbacks are called whenever the scroll event fires.

Array like object of functions to be called when the user scrolls down the page.